Camp Above All

Our camp focuses on the foundation of youth,

encouraging self- confidence, self- esteem, and social development and physical fitness.

To built a complete foundation we have incorporated academics through summer reading and journal writing as well as other fun filled activities such as environmental activities, nature trail walks, sport activities, and the arts. Each of these experiences will serve as a lifetime of memories. 

Activities held outdoors as weather permits

All Sessions include Lunch & Snack

Weekly Session Cost $100

2 Week Sessions/Early Registration

Receive 10% discount/$90

Deposit $90

Family of (2) or more children 

Early Registration

2 Week Sessions

$150 per child

Deposit $75 per child

             " Deposit Required To Hold Space"


        Camp Session 1  ( June 10th - June 21st)

        Camp Session 2  ( June 17th - June 28th)

        Camp Session 3  ( July 8th -July 19th)

        Camp Session 4  ( July 22nd – August 2nd)

        Camp Session 5  ( Aug 5th – Aug 16th)



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