Diva By Divine Dezign Program

The Diva By Divine Dezign is a program for teen girls ages 13- 18. This program is designed to teach young girls to overcome life adversities. 


Teaching young girls the importance of determination to stay focused on their destiny & purpose and taking control of their lives. Teaching them not to allow adversities to deter them from their vision and mission in life. 

We want our Divas to understand that it takes strength to overcome life's challenges and it's okay to stand up and alone for what you believe in along with learning the importance of excepting and loving yourself. 

Our Divas will learn to walk, talk and dress appropriately for the entrepreneurial world. "Be The Boss" they will learn how to budget and the importance of saving. "Financial Literacy"



                                                   Vision &


  • Dress code: no booty shorts, no mini shirts, no tights unless bottom is covered with shirt, no inappropriate wording on shirts, bottoms, shoes, hats etc...
  • There will be no inappropriate language                       

                   "There is a time and place for everything

                            Meeting  Place : Downtown Raleigh

                                        Meeting Time: 1pm  

                                      Every 1st Saturday                                                                                   

                    Register your daughter for our next session 

                                    Starting February 1, 2020

  • Every young lady will receive one of our Specially Designed t-shirts
  • There will be special events, dinners & luncheons 
  • We meet once a month
  • Diva's are required to develop their own group fundraisers
  • Diva's are required to participate in community service & all activities