This Community Outreach Program is to enlighten teens on the importance of volunteerism in the community. They will personally issue hygiene products to homeless in the Southeast Wake County District. Allowing teens to see the importance of caring  and giving back to the community. 

Drop Off Locations

  • Billionaire's Barbershop Midtown

404 E. Six Forks Road.  Ste. 185 Raleigh NC 27609

  • Gateway Park Apartments

710 Gateway Park Drive Raleigh ,NC 27601

Garage 731-G  (This Location requires drop off appointment)


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Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

Your contribution will allow underserved youth the ability to attend summer camp. 

Where they will gain the fundamentals of self- confidence, self- esteem, and social development through summer reading and journal writing; along with other fun filled activities (eg. environmental activities, nature walks, sport activities, and the arts.) 

These experiences will serve as a lifetime of memories and a strong foundation for leadership.

Sponsor A Youth

 $125 per week


Visual Change Arts Program

Your sponsorship will create change in the foundation of the ever demanding quest of  developing leaders.

With your contribution we are able to continue developing in depth programs that allow underprivileged and juvenile youth to expand intellectually through The Arts.

Through recent studies from the Fulton County Arts Council in Atlanta Ga. we have learned that Arts alone create change in the development of At-Risk and juvenile youth.


2nd Annual Community Family Festival

The youth look forward to this special time of the year to organize The Annual Community Family Fall Festival. 

It allows youth to learn community development and social skills through hands on experience; seeing how community togetherness brings about unity and growth within the community as a whole.  

Your contribution will contribute the development and growth of this Community Outreach Program allowing youth to obtain individual and group leadership skills

 The event brings forth family and community unity through live entertainment, food, games and other fun filled activities for the whole family. 


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Agf,Inc could not accomplish our mission without the support of our Community, National and Individual  sponsors. 

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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card