Our support groups allow youth the opportunity to speak freely on the issues they deal with daily. Ranging from bullying, sexual abuse, anger management, divorce, family violence, and self-esteem, etc...

 We believe by allowing youth the opportunity to release their feelings is when the healing process begins. Only then will youth be ready for the next step to obtain confidence, wisdom, and strength along with learning compassion and empathy to achieve and overcome adversities of anxiety and fear. 

Our support groups are here to give extra support when needed.


 Youth in need of an outlet or a listening ear.

(counselors are certified)


 Youth that need an outlet or an listen ear.


Group session 1  (Age 10-13 )      Group Session 2 (Age 14-18) 

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Speak Volume Girls Support Group (SVGSG)


 This open support group allows girls to speak freely.  Giving young ladies the chance to express and release their frustration openly and intellectually. 

While speaking on issues and releasing their frustrations they will obtain the important values of understanding and encouraging one another to achieve and overcome the adversities of life while developing governing skills against anxiety and fear.


The support group will give young ladies the skills needed to flourish into womanhood, and becoming prominent leaders, and role models for today, tomorrow and generations to come. 

Group session 1  (Age 10-13 )     Time: 1pm-1:45pm 

 Group Session 2 (Age 14-18)       Time : 2pm- 2:45pm


          Every 2nd Saturday    

           Must Register for location    

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Rise Beyond Young Men Support Group (RBYMSG)


 Our young men open support group allows boys to openly express themselves and release their frustration of everyday life in a safe and controlled atmosphere.

Young men will learn how to deal with anger, frustration, and disappointment without violence through supportive, and caring counseling. They will learn to express themselves in a meaningful and resilient way that empowers them to handle life’s challenges.

 Which can help to alleviate the impact of community and 

domestic violence.

Group session 1  (Age 10-13 )     Time: 3pm-3:45pm 

  Group Session 2 (Age 14-18)       Time : 4pm- 4:45pm 

  Every 4th Saturday 

       Must Register for location     

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